Nadine Anne Hura

On the dual crises of climate and mental health

Nadine (Ngāpuhi, Ngāti Hine) is a poet, essayist, zine maker and activist-by-stealth. Her writing seeks to harness the power of indigenous storytelling to inspire collective action. Nadine is a regular contributor to The Spinoff, with longform essays appearing in e-Tangata, Pantograph Punch, Newsroom and in print in a number of anthologies including Ora Nui, Sport, Huia Short Stories, We Are Here, and The Best of E-Tangata.

Nadine’s manuscript of essays was selected by the Māori Literature Trust for the Te Papa Tupu mentorship programme in 2018, and the same year she was awarded a Michael King Writer’s Residency. In 2021, her short story “Two Letters” won the Biennial Pikihuia Award. Nadine has a background in Kaupapa Māori research and currently works in policy, engagement and community development in a number of sectors, including climate change, education and literature. She is a member of the Te Hā Māori Writers’ committee and is the co-editor of the Māori Literature Journal, Te Whē.

Nadine will spend her time on the big red dot talking about the dual crises of climate and mental health – two very important kaupapa.