Tainui Stephens

on perceptions of truth, and how science
and art are the foundations of new truths
to ensure our survival

“Nā Tainui Stephens (Te Rarawa).

Our world is comprised of only two elements: things and facts. That’s an apple. The apple is green. Truth is a perspective in accord with those elements.

We believe the truths we choose or can afford. A seductive internet and human predilections for profit and vengeance warp trusted truths held in common. Politics and media imperil truth, but we have science and art.

The scientific unveiling of interior and galactic worlds beyond our ken, and the artistic revelations of humanity are the foundation of new truths to ensure our survival – if we cherish our indigenous humility before things and facts.”

Tainui will spend his time on the big red dot talking about what impacts our perceptions of truth and how they can be simplified. This is a kōrero we’re really excited to hear.