Hōhepa (Hori) Thompson

(Kahungunu ki Wairarapa, Ngāti Toa Rangatira, Kāi Tahu)

Hōhepa (Hori) Thompson is the founder and creator of HORI – art house and clothing label – based in Ōtaki. Established in 2012, HORI has been the centre of much artistic and social debate. The label was developed to draw attention to significant Māori and New Zealand issues that as an artist he felt close to, and believed needed to be addressed.

The goal for the HORI brand is to open up conversations about cultural and social issues which people feel are too taboo to talk about. Like our nation’s Haka, HORI dares to be different and challenges people’s views, even when it may not seem ‘politically correct’ to do so.

Hōhepa will spend his time on the big red dot talking about what it means to challenge views and be a risk taker and provocateur. We can’t wait for this tāne to talk about the ‘why’ behind his mahi toi!